Reserve Income Replacement Program (RIRP) Service Point of Contacts

Army National Guard
Contact your Unit Administrator.

  • Questions that cannot be answered at unit level can be referred to higher headquarters.
  • lf you have Questions, contact USARC-G1, SFC Richetta Robinson, 404-464-9448,; MSG Curtis Chiles, 404-464-9861,; or MAJ Jamal Miles, 464-464-9453,
  • For Unresolved Pay Issues contact:  ARNG-MILPAY@ARNG-FSC.NGB.ARMY.MIL, 1.877.ARNGPAY (1.877.276.4729)
  • For Policy questions, send email to Army G-1 at:   

Army Reserve
Contact your Unit Administrator.

Navy Reserve
For questions concerning Reserve Income Replacement Program contact N-130 Reserve Compensation at commercial 703-604-4763, DSN: 664-4763

For Processing DD-Form 2919 contact your servicing Personnel Support Detachment.

Marine Corps Reserve
Contact your Personnel Administration Center

  • Reserve members should submit their DD-2919 to their local administrative section for processing.  
  • Questions concerning eligibility should be addressed to CMC (RAP) via the chain of command.
  • Question concerning payment amounts should be addressed to the mob finance center. 

Additional information can be found by going to the home page and searching for the keyword “RIRP” or by clicking on the following link: 

Air National Guard
Reserve Income Replacement Plan (RIRP)

For questions concerning eligibility for RIRP members should contact their servicing Military Personnel Flight

For questions concerning payment of RIRP members should contact their servicing Financial Management Office (FMO)

Air Force Reserve
For service-specific questions regarding the Reserve Income Replacement program (RIRP), please contact:

ARPC/PSDC (AF Reserve Contact Center)
Commercial:  1-800-525-0102
DSN:  926-6730
FAX:  478-327-2215 DSN 497-2215

Online Customer Service Request:

Coast Guard Reserve RIRP Point of Contact: Coast Guard Reserve
To apply, complete the DD Form 2919 and have it certified by your Integrated Support Command Servicing Personnel Office (SPO). SPO contact information is available at

For service-specific questions regarding the Reserve Income Replacement Program (RIRP), please contact Coast Guard Personnel Service Center via email at You may also contact Customer Care at 1-866-772-8724 or 1-785-339-2200.