Reserve Affairs

The Office of the Assistant Secretary Defense

Reserve Component (RC) Equipment Modernization/Compatibility

The increased requirements for the Reserve components (RC) to protect U.S. interests abroad and during domestic emergencies has led to an intense look at RC equipment readiness and modernization.


For Reserve component forces to operate and fight alongside their Active component (AC) as a seamless force, they must be equipped with either the same equipment as the Active force or highly compatible equipment. To meet this compelling requirement in pursuing a seamless force, an RC Equipping Strategy was developed with the long term goal of having all RCs equipped with modern, compatible equipment, providing the RCs with the means to do their job alongside their AC partners.

Acquire compatible equipment through:

  • Redistribution of equipment from the AC as the number of AC units draws down
  • Service Procurement Appropriations
  • NGREA procurements
  • Smart Business Practices
  • Ensure equivalent training
  • Compatible equipment + Equivalent and integrated training = A seamless force on the battlefield