Reserve Affairs

The Office of the Assistant Secretary Defense

Innovative Readiness Training
Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) provides real world training opportunities for our service members and units to prepare them for their wartime missions while supporting the needs of America's underserved communities.

The director of Civil-Military Programs asked the Armed Services to develop programs that incorporate readiness training and community service. The ASD/RA asked the Reserve Component Chiefs to serve as a General Officer Steering Committee for Civil-Military Programs.

These guidelines apply to any IRT project conducted under the authority of Section 2012 of Title 10, U.S. Code and DoD directive 1100.20, dated January 30, 1997. A General/Flag Officer level signature is required on all project submissions.

IRT Projects
Joint/multi Service medical / dental / veterinary / optometry support to a variety of underserved Native American populations located in remote areas throughout the United States and US territories.