With basic pay and 70 types of special pays and allowances, military pay is customized to your situation. Changes in pay grade, duty status, your military occupation, duty station, or deployment status can have an impact on your pay.
Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)

Defense Finance and Accounting Service is the world's largest finance and accounting operation and much more. If you're looking for comprehensive source of information about DFAS, please visit their Website at:


The following step-by-step instructions are intended to assist myPay users who are accessing their myPay account for the first time OR have not yet established a personalized Login ID and Password combination.

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Pay Inquiries

DFAS provides responsive, professional finance and accounting services for the people who defend America means delivering timely useful information. Their site allows customers the ability to request support or provide feedback. Every individual is unique, but they often face similar issues.

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