The Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP)

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The Armed Services Blood Program(ASBP) is the official tri-service program which provides blood and platelets to our service members and their families around the world.

The ASBP has been collecting blood and platelets since 1952 from its 22 blood donor centers worldwide, to include the Pentagon Blood Donor Center.

We collect and distribute blood and blood products for our deployed troops, for our Wounded Warriors and patients at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Currently, we need more platelet donors. Platelets are cells essential for clotting that are used for surgeries and to treat cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Due to their short shelf-life (5 days), all platelets that are collected remain at the hospitals and make a huge difference to those who need them.

The platelet donation process takes about 1.5 - 2 hours and can be done right here at the Pentagon Blood Donor Center:

  • LOCATION: Main Concourse Room 2D1063
  • HOURS: 0830 - 1300

To schedule an appointment please call Jerrick Alexander at: 703-697-0153 or visit: -- Sponsor code: PENTAGON.


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