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SrA Kathryn Kjellesvig

2T251, Air Transportation Journeyman

SrA Kathryn KjellesvigSenior Airman Kathryn A. Kjellesvig is an Air Transportation Journeyman in the 133rd Small Air Terminal, Minnesota Air National Guard, Saint Paul, Minnesota. She started her military career with the Air National Guard in January 2006, attending Basic Military Training and Air TraWnsportation School at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. From September 2008 through January 2009, Senior Airman Kjellesvig deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. During this deployment, she was stationed at COB Speicher Iraq. She was placed on the ramp team, whose responsibility it was to load and unload all aircraft transiting through the base. In 2010, Senior Airman Kjellesvig was again deployed, this time to the Transit Center at Manas, Kyrgyzstan where she was assigned to the ramp team while at the same time performing a vital role in the daily input and maintenance of the Data Records section. She also served as the Air Terminal Operation Center (ATOC) liaison at the wing Command Post where she interacted with the Maintenance Operation Control and with Command Post personnel to maintain effective communication and relay pertinent information back to ATOC. She actively and aggressively investigated any delays that were placed on the Aerial Port and provided substantiated rebuttal when applicable. Senior Airman Kjellesvig is a dedicated humanitarian. While in Kyrgyzstan, she joined the Manas Area Benefit Outreach Society and brought clothing, books, bedding, toys and candy to the Sacred Heart Center and the Children's Cancer Center. These activities were instrumental in improving host country relations. Senior Airman Kjellesvig has played an integral role for deployments with the Minnesota Air National Guard in her 5 years of military service. She was a key member for the 133rd Aerial Port Squadron/Small Air Terminal in support of the 2009-10 OREs and ORI. She is hard-working Airman and is an example to many in her unit.

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