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Senior Master Sergeant Luke W. Thompson

AFSC: 1C291, Combat Control

Staff Sergeant Carrie M. KlineSMSGT Luke W. Thompson is the Squadron Superintendent, 125th Special Tactics Squadron (125 STS), Oregon Air National Guard, Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), Portland Oregon. The 125 STS mission is to be the foremost Special Operations Force poised for full spectrum rapid response to all crisis and contingencies at home or abroad. They also seamlessly integrate at all levels of the joint arena by continually adapting, growing, and enhancing specialized capabilities with current and future technologies to meet emerging mission requirements. The squadron is composed of 90 Guardsmen and civilian professionals, organized across seven functional areas within the Special Tactics community. In 1994, after graduation from High school in Payson Utah, SMSgt Thompson enlisted in the active duty Air Force as a Combat Control Trainee. After finishing the grueling two year pipeline he earned his scarlet beret. He then went on to serve 10 years in the active duty force before joining the ORANG in 2005. Sergeant Thompson is one of five founding members (Plank Holders) of the squadron, standing the unit up from scratch. His Active Duty time includes many deployments including two combat tours; one to Iraq and another to Afghanistan where he served as a Joint Terminal Attack Controller as a member of various Special Operations teams. He has also volunteered for two combat tours as a Guardsman, both to Afghanistan. Sergeant Thompson has been involved in several rescue missions at home including efforts in New Orleans, Louisiana after hurricane Katrina and the devastating flooding in Vernonia, Oregon. His career also includes assignments as Special Tactics flight NCOIC, operations superintendent, squadron superintendent, and Expeditionary squadron superintendent, ESTS, Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan. Sergeant Thompson is married to his beautiful bride Tyneil, and they have three children, Sydney, Wade, and Sadie. Sergeant Thompson is an active member of the Enlisted Association of the Air National Guard the Air Force Sergeants Association and life member of the Combat Control Association. Sergeant Thompson has a CCAF degree in Airway Science, a Bachelor’s degree in history and is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Policy.

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